Friends-101-It All Began Monica Gets a New Roommate-10-小程《千万别学英语》查抄笔记






[Scene: Monica’s Apartment, Rachel is making coffee for Joey and Chandler.]

Rachel: Isn’t this amazing? I mean, I have never made coffee before in my entire life.

Chandler: That is amazing.

Joey: Congratulations.

Rachel: Y’know, I figure if I can make coffee, there isn’t anything I can’t do.

Chandler: No, I think if can invade Poland, there isn’t anything I can’t do.

Joey: Listen, while you’re on a roll, if you feel like you gotta make like a Western omelet or something… (Joey and Chandler taste the coffee, grimace, and pour it into a plant pot.) Although actually I’m really not that hungry (this morning)

Monica: (entering, to herself) Oh good, Lenny and Squigy are here.

All: Morning. Good morning.

Paul: (entering from Monica’s room) Morning.

Joey: Morning, Paul.

Rachel: Hello, Paul.

Chandler: Hi, Paul, is it?

(Monica and Paul walk to the door and talk in a low voice so the others can’t hear.  The others move Monica’s table closer to the door so that they can.)

Paul: Thank you!  Thank you so much!

Monica: Stop!

Paul: No, I’m telling you last night was like umm, all my birthdays, both graduations, plus the barn raising scene in Witness.

Monica: We’ll talk later.

Paul: Yeah. (They kiss) Thank you. (Exits)

Joey: That wasn’t a real date?! What the hell do you do on a real date?

Monica: Shut up, and put my table back.

All: Okayyy! (They do so.)

Chandler: All right, kids, I gotta get to work. If I don’t input those numbers,… it doesn’t make much of a difference…

Rachel: So, like, you guys all have jobs?

Monica: Yeah, we all have jobs. See, that’s how we buy stuff.

Joey: Yeah, I’m an actor.

Rachel: Wow! Would I have seen you in anything?

Joey: I doubt it. Mostly regional work.

Monica: Oh wait, wait, unless you happened to catch the Reruns’ production of Pinocchio, at the little theater in the park.

Joey: Look, it was a job all right?

Chandler: ‘Look, Gippetto, I’m a real live boy.’

Joey: I will not take this abuse. (Walks to the door and opens it to leave.)

Chandler: You’re right, I’m sorry. (Burst into song and dances out of the door.) “Once I was a wooden boy, a little wooden boy…

Joey: You should both know, that he’s a dead man.  Oh, Chandler? (Starts after Chandler.)

Monica: So how you doing today? Did you sleep okay? Talk to Barry? I can’t stop smiling.

Rachel: I can see that. You look like you slept with a hanger in your mouth.

Monica: I know, he’s just so, so… Do you remember you and Tony DeMarco?

Rachel: Oh, yeah.

Monica: Well, it’s like that. With feelings.

Rachel: Oh wow. Are you in trouble.

Monica: Big time!

Rachel: Want a wedding dress?   Hardly used.

Monica: I think we are getting a little ahead of selves here. Okay. Okay. I am just going to get up, go to work and not think about him all day. Or else I’m just gonna get up and go to work.

Rachel: Oh, look, wish me luck!

Monica: What for?

Rachel: I’m gonna go get one of those (Thinks) job things.

(Monica exits.)





ADJ  det ADJ  emphasis    


      You use entire when you want to emphasize that you are referring to the whole of something, for example, the whole of a place, time, or population.

           He had spent his entire life in China as a doctor…

           There are only 60 swimming pools in the entire country…

      = whole 





      roll   rolls   rolling   rolled     


   14   PHRASE  usu v-link PHR    


      If someone is on a roll, they are having great success which seems likely to continue. (INFORMAL)

           I made a name for myself and I was on a roll, I couldn’t see anything going wrong.




omelette American English

omelette 小程故事多 千万别学英语


eggs mixed together and cooked in hot fat, sometimes with other foods added:

a cheese omelette



Lenny and Squigy


Lenny and Squigy are two obnoxious characters in American Comedy Laverne & Shirley (mind you,this sitcom will also be mentioned by Ross in episode116);   Laverne & Shirley are two girls both working as bottle cappers, while Lenny and Squigy are their upstairs neighbors who always make the move on the girls. In this scene, when Monica steps into the apartment,nobody but Rachel, Chandler and Joey there, so you know what Monica means!





      plus   pluses or plusses 


   3   CONJ     


      You can use plus when mentioning an additional item or fact. (INFORMAL)

           There’s easily enough room for two adults and three children, plus a dog in the boot…

      = and 




barn raising

barn raising 小程故事多 千万别学英语





      scene   scenes     


   1   N-COUNT     


      A scene in a play, film, or book is part of it in which a series of events happen in the same place.

           I found the scene in which Percy proposed to Olive tremendously poignant.

           …the opening scene of `A Christmas Carol’.


   2   N-COUNT  usu sing     


      You refer to a place as a scene when you are describing its appearance and indicating what impression it makes on you.

           It’s a scene of complete devastation…

           Thick black smoke billowed over the scene…


   4   N-COUNT  usu sing, oft N of n     

      The scene of an event is the place where it happened.

           The area has been the scene of fierce fighting for three months…

           Fire and police crews rushed to the scene, but the couple were already dead…






witness is a movie where Hollywood legendary Harrison Ford starred as a detective to protect an Amish child called “witness”. (here I suppose Paul maneuvered a good example to portray the ecstasy about his love affair with Monica , while fawned Monica that he was also interested in Amish culture at the same time. 




I doubt it, mostly regional work.: consider unlikely





ADJ  usu ADJ n     


      Regional is used to describe things which relate to a particular area of a country or of the world.

           …the autonomous regional government of Andalucia.


   *   re|gion|al|ly   ADV


           The impact of these trends has varied regionally.




take abuse

means you recoil as to someone else’s language offense


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