Friends-101-It All Began Monica Gets a New Roommate-09-小程《千万别学英语》查抄笔记






[Scene: Ross's Apartment, they're all sitting around and talking.]

Ross: (scornful) Grab a spoon. Do you know how long it's been since I've grabbed a spoon? Do the words 'Billy, don't be a hero' mean anything to you?

Joey: Great story!  But, I uh, I gotta go, I got a date with Andrea--Angela--Andrea...  Oh man, (looks to Chandler)

Chandler: Angela's the screamer, Andrea has cats.

Joey: Right. Thanks. It's June. I'm outta here. (Exits.)

Ross: Y'know, here's the thing. Even if I could get it together enough to- to ask a woman out,... who am I gonna ask? (He gazes out of the window.)

[Cut to Rachel staring out of her window.]



1 VERB  V, V in n     

      When someone screams, they make a very loud, high-pitched cry, for example because they are in pain or are very frightened.

           Women were screaming; some of the houses nearest the bridge were on fire...

           He staggered around the playground, screaming in agony...



      Scream is also a noun.

           Hilda let out a scream.

           ...screams of terror.