Three Surgeons [Joke]

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Three famous surgeons were bragging about their skills.

"A man came to me who had his hand cut off," said one. "Today that man is a concert violinist."

"That's nothing," said another. "A guy came to me who had his legs cut off. I stitched them back on, and today that man is a marathon runner."

"I can top both of you," said the third. "One day I came on the scene of a terrible accident. There was nothing left but a horse's posterior - and a pair of glasses. Today that man is seated in United States Senate."



A surgeon is a doctor who is specially trained to perform surgery.

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If you brag, you say in a very proud way that you have something or have done something.


concert violinist



If you stitch cloth, you use a needle and thread to join two pieces together or to make a decoration.



A marathon is a race in which people run a distance of 26 miles, which is about 42 km.



Someone's bottom can be referred to as their posterior.



Senate or the Senate is the governing council at some universities.