Friends-101-It All Began Monica Gets a New Roommate-08-小程《千万别学英语》查抄笔记






[Scene: A Restaurant, Monica and Paul are still eating.]

Paul: Ever since she walked out on me, I, uh...

Monica: What?..... What, you wanna spell it out with noodles?

Paul: No, it's, it's more of a fifth date kinda revelation.

Monica: Oh, so there is gonna be a fifth date?

Paul: Isn't there?

Monica: Yeah... yeah, I think there is. What were you gonna say?

Paul: Well, ever-ev-... ever since she left me, um, I haven't been able to, uh, perform. (Monica takes a sip of her drink.) ...Sexually.

Monica: (spitting out her drink in shock) Oh God, oh God, I am sorry... I am so sorry...

Paul: It's okay...

Monica: I know being spit on is probably not what you need right now. Um... how long?

Paul: Two years.

Monica: Wow! I'm-I'm-I'm glad you smashed her watch!

Paul: So you still think you, um... might want that fifth date?

Monica: (pause)...Yeah. Yeah, I do.


ever since (=all the time since)



walk out  walk out          


   2   PHRASAL VERB  V P on n     


      If someone walks out on their family or their partner, they leave them suddenly and go to live somewhere else.

           Her husband walked out on her...



spell something ↔ out  phrasal verb

1 to explain something clearly and in detail

spell out how/what etc

The report spelled out in detail what the implications were for teacher training.




      perform   performs   performing   performed      


1 VERB  V n, V n     


      When you perform a task or action, especially a complicated one, you do it.

           His council had had to perform miracles on a tiny budget...

           Several grafts may be performed at one operation.




spit   spits   spitting   spat


           In American English, the form spit is used as the past tense and past participle. 


   1   N-UNCOUNT     


      Spit is the watery liquid produced in your mouth. You usually use spit to refer to an amount of it that has been forced out of someone's mouth.

      = saliva 


   2   VERB  V, V prep, V prep     


      If someone spits, they force an amount of liquid out of their mouth, often to show hatred or contempt.

           The gang thought of hitting him too, but decided just to spit...

           They spat at me and taunted me...

           She spit into the little tray of mascara and brushed it on her lashes.


   3   VERB  V n with out, V n prep


      If you spit liquid or food somewhere, you force a small amount of it out of your mouth.

           Spit out that gum and pay attention...

           He felt as if a serpent had spat venom into his eyes...