Friends-101-It All Began Monica Gets a New Roommate-07-小程《千万别学英语》查抄笔记






[Scene: Ross’s Apartment; Ross is pacing while Joey and Chandler are working on some more furniture.]

Ross: I’m divorced!  I’m only 26 and I’m divorced!

Joey: Shut up!

Chandler: You must stop! (Chandler hits what he is working on with a hammer and it collapses.)

Ross: That only took me an hour.

Chandler: Look, Ross, you gotta understand, between us we haven’t had a relationship that has lasted longer than a Mento. You, however have had the love of a woman for four years. Four years of closeness and sharing at the end of which she ripped your heart out, and that is why we don’t do it!  I don’t think that was my point!

Ross: You know what the scariest part is? What if there’s only one woman for everybody, y’know? I mean what if you get one woman- and that’s it? Unfortunately in my case, there was only one woman- for her…

Joey: What are you talking about? ‘One woman’? That’s like saying there’s only one flavor of ice cream for you. Lemme tell you something, Ross. There’s lots of flavors out there. There’s Rocky Road, and Cookie Dough, and Bing! Cherry Vanilla. You could get ’em with Jimmies, or nuts, or whipped cream! This is the best thing that ever happened to you! You got married, you were, like, what, eight? Welcome back to the world! Grab a spoon!

Ross: I honestly don’t know if I’m hungry or horny.

Chandler: Stay out of my freezer!




      close   closer   closest      


Please look at category 18 to see if the expression you are looking for is shown under another headword.


   2   ADJ  oft ADJ to n     


      You say that people are close to each other when they like each other very much and know each other very well.

           She and Linda became very close…

           As a little girl, Karan was closest to her sister Gail…

           I shared a house with a close friend from school…     


   *   close|ness     N-UNCOUNT


           I asked whether her closeness to her mother ever posed any problems.




ripped out

2 to remove something quickly and violently, using your hands

rip something out/off/away/down

Gilly ripped out a sheet of paper from her notebook.

The buttons had been ripped off.





      flavour   flavours   flavouring   flavoured      

      in AM, use flavor 


1 N-VAR     


      The flavour of a food or drink is its taste.

           This cheese has a crumbly texture with a strong flavour…

           I always add some paprika for extra flavour.          




whipped cream

whipped cream 小程故事多 千万别学英语






      grab   grabs   grabbing  grabbed      


1 VERB  V n, V n by/round n     


      If you grab something, you take it or pick it up suddenly and roughly.

           I managed to grab her hand…

           I grabbed him by the neck.





spoon 小程故事多 千万别学英语




      horny   hornier   horniest      


1 ADJ 


      If you describe someone as horny, you mean that they are sexually aroused or that they easily become sexually aroused. (INFORMAL)

           …horny adolescent boys.

      = randy 


   2   ADJ     


      Something that is horny is hard, strong, and made of horn or of a hard substance like horn.

           His fingernails had grown long, and horny…     



stay out of

      stay   stays   staying   stayed      


   5   VERB  V out of n     


      If you stay out of something, you do not get involved in it.

           In the past, the UN has stayed out of the internal affairs of countries unless invited in…


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