Friends-101-It All Began Monica Gets a New Roommate-06-小程《千万别学英语》查抄笔记






[Scene: A Restaurant, Monica and Paul are eating.]

Monica: Oh my God!

Paul: I know, I know, I’m such an idiot. I guess I should have caught on when she started going to the dentist four and five times a week. I mean, how clean can teeth get?

Monica: My brother’s going through that right now, he’s such a mess. How did you get through it?

Paul: Well, you might try accidentally breaking something valuable of hers, say her-

Monica: -leg?

Paul: (laughing) That’s one way! Me, I- I went for the watch.

Monica: You actually broke her watch?  Wow!  The worst thing I ever did was, I-I shredded by boyfriend’s favorite bath towel.

Paul: Ooh, steer clear of you.

Monica: That’s right. [Scene: Monica’s Apartment, Rachel is talking on the phone and pacing.]

Rachel: Barry, I’m sorry… I am so sorry… I know you probably think that this is all about what I said the other day about you making love with your socks on, but it isn’t… it isn’t, it’s about me, and I ju- (She stops talking and dials the phone.) Hi, machine cut me off again… anyway…look, look, I know that some girl is going to be incredibly lucky to become Mrs. Barry Finkel, but it isn’t me, it’s not me.  And not that I have any idea who me is right now, but you just have to give me a chance too… (The maching cuts her off again and she redials.)



catch on      


   1   PHRASAL VERB  V P to n, V P     


      If you catch on to something, you understand it, or realize that it is happening.

           He got what he could out of me before I caught on to the kind of person he’d turned into…

           Wait a minute! I’m beginning to catch on.     





      dentist   dentists      




      A dentist is a person who is qualified to examine and treat people’s teeth.

           Visit your dentist twice a year for a check-up.


      N-SING  the N     


      The dentist or the dentist’s is used to refer to the surgery or clinic where a dentist works.

           It’s worse than being at the dentist’s.


dentist   小程故事多 千万别学英语







      An accidental event happens by chance or as the result of an accident, and is not deliberately intended.

           The jury returned a verdict of accidental death…

           His hand brushed against hers; it could have been either accidental or deliberate.

      x deliberate 


   *   ac|ci|den|tal|ly     ADV  ADV with v


           A policeman accidentally killed his two best friends with a single bullet…

           A special locking system means the door cannot be opened accidentally.

      x deliberately 





      shred   shreds   shredding   shredded


1 VERB  V n, V n     


      If you shred something such as food or paper, you cut it or tear it into very small, narrow pieces.

           They may be shredding documents…

           Finely shred the carrots, cabbage and cored apples.     




bath tow|el 

      bath towel   bath towels      




      A bath towel is a very large towel used for drying your body after you have had a bath.     





      steer   steers   steering   steered      


   6   PHRASE  V inflects


      If you steer clear of someone or something, you deliberately avoid them.

           I think a lot of people, women in particular, steer clear of these sensitive issues.






   1   ADJ  approval     


      If you describe something or someone as incredible, you like them very much or are impressed by them, because they are extremely or unusually good.

           The wildflowers will be incredible after this rain…

      = fantastic 


   *   in|cred|ibly     ADV  ADV adj/adv


           Their father was incredibly good-looking.     


   2   ADJ  oft it v-link ADJ that     


      If you say that something is incredible, you mean that it is very unusual or surprising, and you cannot believe it is really true, although it may be.

           It seemed incredible that people would still want to play football during a war…

      x credible 


   *   in|cred|ibly     ADV  usu ADV with cl


           Incredibly, some people don’t like the name.     


   3   ADJ  usu ADJ n, also it v-link ADJ wh, v-link ADJ  emphasis     


      You use incredible to emphasize the degree, amount, or intensity of something.

           It’s incredible how much Francesca wants her father’s approval…

      = amazing 


   *   in|cred|ibly     ADV  ADV adj/adv


           It was incredibly hard work.


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