Friends-101-It All Began Monica Gets a New Roommate-02-小程《千万别学英语》查抄笔记






[Time Lapse, Ross has entered.]

Ross: (mortified) Hi.

Joey: This guy says hello, I wanna kill myself.

Monica: Are you okay, sweetie?

Ross: I just feel like someone reached down my throat, grabbed my small intestine, pulled it out of my mouth and tied it around my neck… 

Chandler: Cookie?

Monica: (explaining to the others) Carol moved her stuff out today.

Joey: Ohh.

Monica: (to Ross) Let me get you some coffee.

Ross: Thanks.

Phoebe: Ooh! Oh! (She starts to pluck at the air just in front of Ross.)

Ross: No, no don’t! Stop cleansing my aura! No, just leave my aura alone, okay?

Phoebe: Fine!  Be murky!

Ross: I’ll be fine, alright? Really, everyone. I hope she’ll be very happy.

Monica: No you don’t.

Ross: No I don’t, to hell with her, she left me!

Joey: And you never knew she was a lesbian…

Ross: No!! Okay?! Why does everyone keep fixating on that? She didn’t know, how should I know?

Chandler: Sometimes I wish I was a lesbian… (They all stare at him.) Did I say that out loud?

Ross: I told mom and dad last night, they seemed to take it pretty well.

Monica: Oh really, so that hysterical phone call I got from a woman at sobbing 3:00 A.M., “I’ll never have grandchildren, I’ll never have grandchildren.” was what?  A wrong number?

Ross: Sorry.

Joey: Alright Ross, look. You’re feeling a lot of pain right now. You’re angry. You’re hurting. Can I tell you what the answer is?

(Ross gestures his consent.)

Joey: Strip joint! C’mon, you’re single! Have some hormones!

Ross: I don’t want to be single, okay? I just… I just- I just wanna be married again!

(Rachel enters in a wet wedding dress and starts to search the room.)

Chandler: And I just want a million dollars! (He extends his hand hopefully.)

Monica: Rachel?!

Rachel: Oh God Monica hi! Thank God! I just went to your building and you weren’t there and then this guy with a big hammer said you might be here and you are, you are!

Waitress: Can I get you some coffee?

Monica: (pointing at Rachel) De-caff. (to All) Okay, everybody, this is Rachel, another Lincoln High survivor. (to Rachel) This is everybody, this is Chandler, and Phoebe, and Joey, and- you remember my brother Ross?

Rachel: Hi, sure!

Ross: Hi.

(They go to hug but Ross’s umbrella opens.  He sits back down defeated again.  A moment of silence follows as Rachel sits and the others expect her to explain.)

Monica: So you wanna tell us now, or are we waiting for four wet bridesmaids?

Rachel: Oh God… well, it started about a half hour before the wedding. I was in the room where we were keeping all the presents, and I was looking at this gravy boat. This really gorgeous Lamauge gravy boat. When all of a sudden- (to the waitress that brought her coffee)Sweet ‘n’ Lo?- I realized that I was more turned on by this gravy boat than by Barry! And then I got really freaked out, and that’s when it hit me: how much Barry looks like Mr. Potato Head. Y’know, I mean, I always knew looked familiar, but… Anyway, I just had to get out of there, and I started wondering ‘Why am I doing this, and who am I doing this for?’. (to Monica) So anyway I just didn’t know where to go, and I know that you and I have kinda drifted apart, but you’re the only person I knew who lived here in the city.

Monica: Who wasn’t invited to the wedding.

Rachel: Ooh, I was kinda hoping that wouldn’t be an issue



throat, small intestine

throat small intestine 小程故事多





      grab   grabs   grabbing   grabbed     


1 VERB  V n, V n by/round n     


      If you grab something, you take it or pick it up suddenly and roughly.

           I managed to grab her hand…

           I grabbed him by the neck.




tied it around


b) [transitive] to fasten something around, over etc something else and tie the ends together [untie]

tie something around/over/under etc something

He had only a towel tied around his waist.

She tied a scarf over her head.





      cleanse   cleanses   cleansing   cleansed     


   2   VERB  V n, V-ing


      If you cleanse your skin or a wound, you clean it.

           Catherine demonstrated the proper way to cleanse the face.

           …cleansing lotions.


      to make something completely clean:

       Use a piece of gauze to cleanse the cut.

       The water is cleansed and reused.





      aura   auras     


N-COUNT  usu N of n


      An aura is a quality or feeling that seems to surround a person or place or to come from them.

           She had an aura of authority.

= air 





      murky   murkier   murkiest     


   4   ADJ    


      If you describe something as murky, you mean that the details of it are not clear or that it is difficult to understand.

           The law here is a little bit murky…

= obscure 


2 complicated and difficult to understand [= obscure]:

The laws on intellectual property are murky.

The murky waters (=complicated subject) of sexuality and jealousy



fixated on

always thinking or talking about one particular thing


He never used to be so fixated on losing weight.





hysterical 小程故事多



      Someone who is hysterical is in a state of uncontrolled excitement, anger, or panic.

           Police and bodyguards had to protect him as the almost hysterical crowds struggled to approach him…


   *   hys|teri|cal|ly     ADV  ADV with v, ADV adj/adv


           I don’t think we can go round screaming hysterically: `Ban these dogs. Muzzle all dogs.’


   2   ADJ     


      Someone who is hysterical is in a state of violent and disturbed emotion that is usually a result of shock.

           I suffered bouts of really hysterical depression.


   *   hys|teri|cal|ly     ADV


           I was curled up on the floor in a corner sobbing hysterically.


unable to control your behaviour or emotions because you are very upset, afraid, excited etc





      sob   sobs   sobbing   sobbed     


1 VERB  V, V     


      When someone sobs, they cry in a noisy way, breathing in short breaths.

           She began to sob again, burying her face in the pillow…

           Her sister broke down, sobbing into her handkerchief.


   *   sob|bing     N-UNCOUNT


           The room was silent except for her sobbing.




strip joint 

      strip joint   strip joints     




      A strip joint is the same as a strip club. (INFORMAL)


strip club 

      strip club   strip clubs     




      A strip club is a club which people go to in order to see striptease.


strip|tease  AM  striptease     stripteases  

      also strip-tease    




      Striptease is a form of entertainment in which someone slowly takes off their clothes in a sexually exciting way, usually while music is played.





      hormone   hormones     




      A hormone is a chemical, usually occurring naturally in your body, that makes an organ of your body do something.






hammer 小程故事多




      survivor   survivors     


   1   N-COUNT  oft N of n     


      A survivor of a disaster, accident, or illness is someone who continues to live afterwards in spite of coming close to death.

           Officials said there were no survivors of the plane crash.


   2   N-COUNT  oft N of n     


      A survivor of a very unpleasant experience is a person who has had such an experience, and who is still affected by it.

           This book is written with survivors of child sexual abuse in mind.


   3   N-COUNT  usu pl, usu poss N, N of     


      A person’s survivors are the members of their family who continue to live after they have died. (AM)

           The compensation bill offers the miners or their survivors as much as $100,000 apiece.


   4   N-COUNT  approval     


      If you describe someone as a survivor, you approve of the fact that they are able to carry on with their life even though they experience many difficulties.

           Above all Susie is a great survivor, with a bright, indomitable spirit.





      wet   wetter   wettest   wets   wetting   wetted     


           The forms wet and wetted are both used as the past tense and past participle of the verb.


   1   ADJ     


      If something is wet, it is covered in water, rain, sweat, tears, or another liquid.

           He towelled his wet hair…

           I lowered myself to the water’s edge, getting my feet wet…

           My gloves were soaking wet…

           I saw his face was wet with tears.

      x dry 





      bridesmaid   bridesmaids     




      A bridesmaid is a woman or a girl who helps and accompanies a bride on her wedding day.




gravy boat


gravy boat 小程故事多



turn on         


   2   PHRASAL VERB  V n P     


      If someone or something turns you on, they attract you and make you feel sexually excited. (INFORMAL)

           The body that turns men on doesn’t have to be perfect.

      x turn off  see also turn-on






Low in fat, sugar alternative to ordinary sweets




freak out       


PHRASAL VERB  V P, V n P, be V-ed P, also V P n (not pron)


      If someone freaks out, or if something freaks them out, they suddenly feel extremely surprised, upset, angry, or confused.

           I remember the first time I went onstage. I freaked out completely…

           I think our music freaks people out sometimes…

           It sort of frightens me. I guess I am kind of freaked out by it.



Mr.Potato Head

Mr.Potato Head 小程故事多


drift apart phrasal verb

if people drift apart, their relationship gradually ends:

Over the years my college friends and I have drifted apart.





      issue   issues   issuing   issued      


1  N-COUNT  usu with supp     


      An issue is an important subject that people are arguing about or discussing.

           Agents will raise the issue of prize-money for next year’s world championships…

           Is it right for the Church to express a view on political issues?

      = subject, matter  see also side issue


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