Friends-101-It All Began Monica Gets a New Roommate-01-小程《千万别学英语》查抄笔记






[Scene: Central Perk, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, and Monica are there.]

Monica: There's nothing to tell! He's just some guy I work with!

Joey: C'mon, you're going out with the guy! There's gotta be something wrong with him!

Chandler: All right Joey, be nice. So does he have a hump? A hump and a hairpiece?

Phoebe: Wait, does he eat chalk?

(They all stare, bemused.)

Phoebe: Just, 'cause, I don't want her to go through what I went through with Carl- oh!

Monica: Okay, everybody relax. This is not even a date. It's just two people going out to dinner and- not having sex.

Chandler: Sounds like a date to me.

[Time Lapse]

Chandler: Alright, so I'm back in high school, I'm standing in the middle of the cafeteria, and I realize I am totally naked.

All: Oh, yeah. Had that dream.

Chandler: Then I look down, and I realize there's a phone... there.

Joey: Instead of...?

Chandler: That's right.

Joey: Never had that dream.

Phoebe: No.

Chandler: All of a sudden, the phone starts to ring. Now I don't know what to do, everybody starts looking at me.

Monica: And they weren't looking at you before?!

Chandler: Finally, I figure I'd better answer it, and it turns out it's my mother, which is very-very weird, because- she never calls me!



N-COUNT oft poss N

A hump is a large lump on a person's back, usually caused by illness or old age.





A hairpiece is a piece of false hair that some people wear on their head if they are bald or if they want to make their own hair seem longer or thicker.





A cafeteria is a restaurant where you choose your food from a counter and take it to your table after paying for it. Cafeterias are usually found in public buildings such as hospitals, colleges, and stores.

= canteen



2 PHRASE usu PHR with cl, PHR with v

If something happens all of a sudden, it happens quickly and unexpectedly.

All of a sudden she didn't look sleepy any more.


turn out

1 PHRASAL VERB V P prep, V P n, V P adj

If something turns out a particular way, it happens in that way or has the result or degree of success indicated.

If I had known my life was going to turn out like this, I would have let them kill me...

Sometimes things don't turn out the way we think they're going to...

I was positive things were going to turn out fine.

= work out



ADJ oft it v-link ADJ to-inf/-ing

If you describe something or someone as weird, you mean that they are strange. (INFORMAL)

He's different. He's weird...

Drugs can make you do all kinds of weird things...

It must be really weird to be rich...


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