To be on the Safe Side [Joke]

2009年8月26日 | 分类: 英文笑话 | 标签: , | 字体: 超大

In a cinema during a performance one of the audience gets up, makes his way along the row of seats and goes out into the foyer.

A few minutes later he returns and asks the man sitting at the head of the row:

"Excuse me, was it your foot I stepped on when I was going out a moment ago?"

" Yes, but it doesn't really matter. It didn't hurt at all."

"Oh, no, it isn't that. I only want to make sure that this is my row."



A cinema is a place where people go to watch films for entertainment.



The audience at a play, concert, film, or public meeting is the group of people watching or listening to it.



The foyer is the large area where people meet or wait just inside the main doors of a building such as a theatre, cinema, or hotel.