The Same Service [Joke]

2010年5月16日 | 分类: 英文笑话 | 标签: | 字体: 超大

A man who had been married for ten years was consulting a marriage counsellor.

"When I was first married, I was very happy. I'd come home from a hard day down at the shop, and my little dog would race around barking, and my wife would bring me my slippers. Now everything's changed. When I come home, my dog brings me my slippers, and my wife barks at me."

"I don't know what you're complaining about," said the counselor, "You're still getting the same service."



A counsellor is a person whose job is to give advice to people who need it, especially advice on their personal problems.



When a dog barks, it makes a short, loud noise, once or several times.



Slippers are loose, soft shoes that you wear at home.