The Frogs and the Well [Joke]

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  Two Frogs lived together in a marsh. But one hot summer the marsh dried up, and they left it to look for another place to live in: for frogs like damp places if they can get them.

  By and by they came to a deep well, and one of them looked down into it, and said to the other, "This looks a nice cool place. Let us jump in and settle here."

  But the other, who had a wiser head on his shoulders, replied, "Not so fast, my friend. Supposing this well dried up like the marsh, how should we get out again?"



A frog is a small creature with smooth skin, big eyes, and long back legs which it uses for jumping. Frogs usually live near water.

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A marsh is a wet, muddy area of land.


dried up

If something dries up or if something dries it up, it loses all its moisture and becomes completely dry and shrivelled or hard.



Something that is damp is slightly wet.