Merlin's Magic -《只为和谐》(Just Harmony:The Very Best Of Merlin's Magic).灵性音乐

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  小程最近因为制作阿米的有声读物,所以在一些热心朋友的帮助找到了不少很有灵性的音乐作为背景音乐。其中这个“Merlin's Magic”挺不错的,光是平常没事听听也是修身养性的好作品,所以推荐给大家听听。

Merlin's Magic -《只为和谐》(Just Harmony:The Very Best Of Merlin's Magic).灵性音乐打包下载 小程故事多 专辑英文名: Just Harmony:The Very Best Of Merlin's Magic
专辑中文名: 只为和谐
艺术家: Merlin's Magic
资源格式: MP3
版本: 224-256k
发行时间: 2009年07月21日
地区: 德国


  Merlin's Magic(梅林的魔法)这个来自德国的心灵静修音乐制作小组,是由安吉思.莫克(Andreas Mock)和海庄.梅雷尔(Heidrun Menzel)两位心灵音乐大师所组成。不仅对音乐有极高的涵养,在灵修的路程上也下过非常深的功夫,因此由他们所制作的灵修音乐,能给心灵极大的治疗与幸福感。

  这两位组建的 Merlin's Magic 梅林的魔法,曾制作过“灵气”系列、“星座音乐”系列,并赢得了广泛的回响。在每一张作品中,精心安排的低音可使人体多余的能源排放到地里,在安全地流回身体中,形成一个自然无压的身心净化循环系统。特殊的作曲手法及立体的音效,不断的刺激著脑部的平衡,音乐的速度与心跳的节奏极为接近,大大的提升了身心的放松程度。


Merlin's Magic is known all over the world for their wonderful compositions, touchingly and masterly played by expert musicians. This album carefully prepared by Andreas Mock, is one of the most beautiful collections of music for meditation and relaxation. With In the Moment of Harmony you plunge deeply into the power of harmony and cherish the loving and magic moments of life.

Unique sections of violin or flute as well as many traditional instruments have been excerpted from original works of more than 60 minutes length, and combined into a temple of well-being and balance. In addition there is a hitherto unpublished new piece played by the composer himself with particularly soft piano sections and acoustic guitar. A musical expedition to your source of harmony - and a must for all Merlin's Magic fans.


01. My Guardian Angel
02. Just Harmony
03. Heart of Love
04. Light Touch
05. Space of Peace
06. Deep in My Soul
07. Heavenly Spheres
08. Heaven and Earth
09. Sun Salutation